Thursday, February 07, 2008

First Visual Journal Pages

I was so excited when received two books in the post, one French and one German for altering from PurpleHeather on Craftster. They originated from a sale at Birmingham Library. Both were perfect so it was a difficult choice which to start on first. I settled on the French novel 'Les Belles Infidèles' by Georges Mounin. It smells wonderfully old and full of character. Plus it's cover is green. I'm in a green mood recently and everything I produce features green somewhere. It must be spring!

Here are the first two spreads from my visual journal. I have been inspired by song lyrics for both of these. As usual with my work they include a random selection of images, comments and doodles. I may go back and so some more work on them, but I'm happy with them for now. I just love the stamped 'DISCARDED' on the second page. It may have been discarded, but not for long!

I found some great paper bits today in Sevilla to use so I'm excited to work on my next pages.

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