Friday, February 08, 2008


This is the next page. I'm starting to play with colour again, inspired by a notecard I received through the post this week and my curiosity about animals it would seem! The clock hand moves so you can alter it's position. I'm biding my time waiting to see what the background to this page needs, so I'll revisit it later.

You'll be seeing more of the papers I used on the right page in subsequent pages. They were sent to me by the wonderful mimiw on Craftster. She surprised me with an envelope just crammed with little goodies yesterday, including some machine sewed papers. I couldn't wait to use them and you'll see the thread stars going across the page too.

The pink piece of paper was found by my friend Sue while we were out in Sevilla yesterday. It was too unusual not to use!

I also want to show off my new painting apron, which I was surprised with yesterday by Sue. I haven't been able to find mine since we moved and the pockets in this one are proving to be invaluable for stashing papers and pencils!

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The Little Illustrator said...

that circle/clock page is AWESOME!!!!
i love looking at the sketchbook. keep posting!