Thursday, May 29, 2008

Up for a challenge?

I am! I'm beavering away on my entry for's Craft Challenge #28 - In The Hot Seat - which is due in just a few days!

"Everyone has room for just one more chair, right?! This challenge is to take an old chair -- the uglier the better -- and remake it into something beautiful!"

I found this old wooden stool out by the bin last week and thought it would be perfect for this challenge! I wanted to create a useful version of my journal, with the same look and feel. Painted, collaged, full of bright colours and quirky ephemera. Maybe when it's finished I can even use it to sit on and journal!

Here's my progress so far...

First layer of paint is applied...

Let the collaging begin!

I'm really enjoying working in 3D, it's so much fun!

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