Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rainbow Journal

These rainbow entries were created as part of a journal-a-long on where a group of us worked in our own journals to each create a set of rainbow pages.

Red: There's no better fruit than pomegranates and strawberries! It's just coming to the end of the strawberry season here but they've been delicious!
Orange: Sunshine, fire and beautiful sunsets. I love the feeling of warmth after a day swimming at the beach when it's just going cool so you grab a blanket, light up a fire and watch the sun set over the sea.

I love peas, and trees, so they had to feature, as did the dragon spine and the butterfly. We were recently given part of a cactus from our neighbour that we're growing, so the cactus appears too.

Since this is a personal journal I'm trying to keep to things which either represent me or that I'm thinking about etc. So, the yellow fell on page 34. My age. The corn is to represent the 3 stages of my life, maiden, mother and crone )O(. I've placed the corn so my age is between the first two, though I guess I really should be on the other side! :D The clock and tape measure in there to represent time. The tape measure is marked with an important point *ahem* ;) The horizontal tape at the top is just a humorous touch to this page about sex and life ;)

Both cover the same themes: peace, serenity, relaxation, the opening of your mind to ideas. I discovered an indigo gouache whilst I was painting my birdhouse with a sponge yesterday, I added some to this page too.

spirituality & inspiration

Also the crab stamp I've been hoarding for a while since it reminds me of a holiday to Egypt a couple of years ago. We did a scuba diving course and one day when we were walking out to sea I saw a crab scooting by on the surface of the water. I turned round to say to everyone to look out for the crab but they just thought I was crazy since nobody saw it. We did our training and an hour or so later we walked back to the beach to the gear offload point and I took my BCD (jacket) off, only to find that nestled behind my tank between my shoulders was the crab! He'd been hitching a ride with me all through my lesson! :D

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gypsy said...

What a gorgeous selection of color themed pages. These pages are so inspiring!