Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Quest for Playing Cards

I collect found playing cards. These are scanned (ie smaller) copies of all the cards I have found since 1995. So far no duplicates! You'll note that some don't count as proper playing cards, but I like to keep them anyway.

3 Hearts: Found on a road at Uni in Preston 1995
9 Diamonds: Found on a tarmac road in Manchester centre 1996
2 Clubs: Found in Altrincham 1998
4 Spades: Found on a train to Liverpool in 2001
King Diamonds: Found on a minor road in Manchester 2002
8 Clubs: Found on a raised garden wall during a long hot walk in Madeira, August 2003
2 Hearts: Found by Olivia in her house rafters, December 2003
2 Diamonds: Found by Mike in London in a bar, 20/12/03
Russian Card: Found in Altrincham city centre, Autumn 2003
Joker (K hearts) Mike found on a night out at Old Trafford metro station after the England - Wales game, 2004
6 Clubs: Found in Cheadle at a summer school I was running, 2004
6 Diamonds: Found nestled in the mud when heading for Lost Vagueness, Glastonbury Festival 2005
9 Hearts: Found by Mike pushed into the handrail of a lift, 2006
8 Diamonds (censored): Found on Saturday 10th June 2006 at Donnington Park while at Download Festival
3 Spades: Found by Mike in a Bristol pub 10th January 2007
Velma: Found in Manchester on a night out for Helen's birthday 27th January 2007
Ace Hearts: Found on a road near Warrington Bus Station, 31st January 2007
5 Diamonds: Found whilst car shopping in Sevilla, July 2007
12 Cups: Found in Tomares, Christmas Day 2007
8 Spades: Found by Emma & Justin New Years Day by the Bulls head Pub, Hale Barns, 2008
Go Fish Elmo: Found by the river in Andorra, Feb 2008

I wonder where and when my next find will be...

Monday, July 07, 2008

Mr Paisley Snail and puppydog's tails...

Mr Paisley Snail.(the snail came on a funky paper bag from a shop I bought a dress in)

The right page comes from a quote my friend and I laugh at constantly. From Robin hood I think. We saw the movie when we were at uni, so that's why the page is experimental and arty ;)

From a poem I've had for years and never found the right place for...

The centre text says; 'He who lives after nature shall never be poor.'

The caterpillar on the leaf is represents one of the many munching on our plants at the moment, grr! We've now set up surrogate plants at the bottom of the garden to move them too since we obviously can't kill them, but really don't want them on our good plants!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wolf Moon

Inspired by two subjects - rust and music.

One of my favourite bands is Type O Negative and I adore Wolf Moon from the October Rust album. A gorgeous man with a deep sexy voice singing about that time of the month, mmm! ;)

So, this is a blood red page with a music background over some of which I've written some of the lyrics. The vertical lines and vine on the right page borrow from the album cover, green stems with thorns. Moon, rusty metal found objects, blood drips and period dates. Perfect timing for this page to be born!

Most recent pages...

A couple of my recent journal pages...


Working with the themes of stitching and text