Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Quest for Playing Cards

I collect found playing cards. These are scanned (ie smaller) copies of all the cards I have found since 1995. So far no duplicates! You'll note that some don't count as proper playing cards, but I like to keep them anyway.

3 Hearts: Found on a road at Uni in Preston 1995
9 Diamonds: Found on a tarmac road in Manchester centre 1996
2 Clubs: Found in Altrincham 1998
4 Spades: Found on a train to Liverpool in 2001
King Diamonds: Found on a minor road in Manchester 2002
8 Clubs: Found on a raised garden wall during a long hot walk in Madeira, August 2003
2 Hearts: Found by Olivia in her house rafters, December 2003
2 Diamonds: Found by Mike in London in a bar, 20/12/03
Russian Card: Found in Altrincham city centre, Autumn 2003
Joker (K hearts) Mike found on a night out at Old Trafford metro station after the England - Wales game, 2004
6 Clubs: Found in Cheadle at a summer school I was running, 2004
6 Diamonds: Found nestled in the mud when heading for Lost Vagueness, Glastonbury Festival 2005
9 Hearts: Found by Mike pushed into the handrail of a lift, 2006
8 Diamonds (censored): Found on Saturday 10th June 2006 at Donnington Park while at Download Festival
3 Spades: Found by Mike in a Bristol pub 10th January 2007
Velma: Found in Manchester on a night out for Helen's birthday 27th January 2007
Ace Hearts: Found on a road near Warrington Bus Station, 31st January 2007
5 Diamonds: Found whilst car shopping in Sevilla, July 2007
12 Cups: Found in Tomares, Christmas Day 2007
8 Spades: Found by Emma & Justin New Years Day by the Bulls head Pub, Hale Barns, 2008
Go Fish Elmo: Found by the river in Andorra, Feb 2008

I wonder where and when my next find will be...


Smileygem said...

Hi Phizzy - its Gemcraft from Craftster - I just started a blog and added your blog to my blogs i like list, i hope you dont mind

Phizzychick said...

Hello there! Not at all! :D

Smileygem said...


Denise Scicluna said...

That is so cool :)
I have never heard of anyone who collected cards! I am fond of collections too, so i'm amazed.. really. Nice blog by the way!

April said...

i can't believe you've never found a duplicate. I've been at this for about 3 years, and I have a ton of duplicates already. apparently there is some bias against the 10 of spades :)

Elmo said...

Hello how are you?
I collect found playing cards too!
Is a weir thing, but once it caches you, you just can't stop.
I started in May 2006 in Brigthon Beach, Brooklyn and I'm very lucky, I have more than one thousand cards. And I don't like to search for them, I just found them randomly, sometimes just one and others 40 cards.
I take pictures of them and I upload them in Picasa.
Cheers, pleasure meeting people who like this crazy stuff.


Laura Thykeson said...

love your collection of cards!Hope you check out my blog at http://tazscorner1.blogspot.com for some more ATC's, Postcards and other things that I make.

Laura Thykeson
The Altered Book Nook

Zoso said...

I collect cards. I started by collecting just the Jokers. I have found some very unusual cards. I always look for cards in antique shops.
I love your collection. Best regards!