Thursday, August 28, 2008

Updated Pages!

I've been so lax in posting for a while...I'm so bad!

I had a funny week a couple of weeks ago. I kept finding things from games on the local streets. First the Pictionary card, then the Monopoly money, then the bingo card. I tend to pick a lot of stuff up off the street, but never usually so many game parts in such short a time. So last week we took this random advice and played board games! :D

Automated Dragonfly:

154 new stars were created this Wednesday afternoon. A tragic event. My thoughts have been about life and death these last few days.

For anyone counting, there are 153 stars in this photo. Sadly, I had to add another one overnight.


PurpleHeather said...

Beautiful pages - funny how life gives you collections. I've been collecting bits from geocaches for collage pages - one day I found a lovely Belgian 20 franc note from the 60s and a coin with arabic script on it.

I also found a whole pack of mini playing cards, which made me think of you, since technically they were found!

These 3 are lovely pages - love the dragonfly. Are you still working in that ex-Birmingham library book?

Phizzychick said...

Yep, still the same book, and it's proving perfect for the job, the watercolours go onto it so nicely. Thank you, it was a great find!

I'm at page 90 and the pages run to 164 with the end papers, so I'm over half way...trouble is the book is nearly 3 inches thick already! :D

I love the look of money in collages. I still have a British pound note that I kept hold of that I'm waiting for the right time to use.

TanyaMac said...

Phizzy this book will be amazing when all the hard work is done! Something to enjoy forever, to pass on and treasure.

Keep it lit, and blog more! :)*

Heather said...

I did it! I made some pages :)

I'll stick pics on Flickr when they're dry.