Friday, October 24, 2008

Autumn is here

Journal pages with an Autumn theme. It was so very nervewracking to burn my book, but thankfully it turned out well. I wanted to create the scent of bonfires and clearing leaves when the page was turned.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I went to America and I saw...

For just over 2 weeks I have been travelling around the USA with my bloke, we arrived home on Friday. When Rackycoo sent me this wonderful bingo card journal, I knew it would be perfect for all the nick-nacks and paper things I would collect along the way. The pages contain a mix of found objects, collected items and a few things from my stash. I painted the pages before I left so things wouldn't get too messy, but pretty much all of the collaging was done whilst I was away, when I was sat having coffee, in the hotel or train :D

Front of book:
The gubbins inside, some of which was hard to scan since it's about 4 inches thick now!

Title page. We live in Spain, but had to travel to London for our flight.

San Francisco
Our hotel, the pier, lunch at Hard Rock, old fortune telling machines, tour of the submarine, picked up a copy of The Onion

The Pier, Cartoon Art Museum, Book Arts exhibition at the library, strawberry melon juice drink, lunch in China Town.

Napa Valley wine tasting

Walking around Yosemite National Park
We camped in Yosemite for 2 nights. I cried so much walking around here, it was just stunning.

Death Valley
Camping! Vist to manzanar Historic Site. It says 'Resort' but it was a small motel, campground and restaurant. There was nothing around for miles but earth and mountains. It was so hot in our tent we had to have the windows and roof open, and it was beutiful to see the stars and moon from there. My favourite memory from the entire holiday was watching the moon rise up over the mountains.

Las Vegas
We were upgraded to a suite in was awesome! Not to metion exactly what we needed after 3 nights roughing it! Met up with fellow craftster Babbetto for a great night! I'll have a tag from her in that space on the right soon.

Atlanta: Tag made by the wonderful Rackycoo who I met up with for an awesome visit!

Art Fair I went to with Rackycoo and Reese52

Train from Atlanta to NYC (we had bunk-beds on the train in our little room, so much fun!)
Gig on my birthday!

Found objects from Central Park (sun & label) where we had a picnic, and American Museum of Natural History.

Empire State Building, Pearl River Store, St Patrick's Cathedral. Lots of walking!

Library exhibition.

Rockerfeller Centre. The target is there because there's a funny interactive light room at the top that kept us amused for ages! I much prefered this to going up the Empire.

Museum of Modern Art
It was awesome to see work by some of my favourite artists in there.

Phew, that's it, holiday over, thanks for looking!