Thursday, August 28, 2008

Updated Pages!

I've been so lax in posting for a while...I'm so bad!

I had a funny week a couple of weeks ago. I kept finding things from games on the local streets. First the Pictionary card, then the Monopoly money, then the bingo card. I tend to pick a lot of stuff up off the street, but never usually so many game parts in such short a time. So last week we took this random advice and played board games! :D

Automated Dragonfly:

154 new stars were created this Wednesday afternoon. A tragic event. My thoughts have been about life and death these last few days.

For anyone counting, there are 153 stars in this photo. Sadly, I had to add another one overnight.

Monday, August 04, 2008


Neverwhere book inspired pages...

Pages inspired by the Mezquita in Cordoba:

New pages!

I'm so slow at posting!

I received a huge pile of goodies in the mail last month so I put them to good use on a couple of pages as a tribute to the store they came from, which is sadly closing down.

Curio Shop Pages:

I used a cute flying fish postcard in the centre to add some interest, and the threads for texture.

Opeth Lyrics: