Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pages from my Greek Holiday

Images taken from a church booklet. The bottom left image is a used matchbox picked up discarded in a graveyard.

The vivid purple is mulberry berry stain. There was an abundance of them in a remote hillside monastery garden. They were delicious! The monastery was built over a sacred spring so there's spring water on that left page too, and candle wax. There was a field of very smelly goats nearby, hence the stamp. The sketch was made in a local harbour.

Larissa theatre, church shrine, Mycenae entry ticket. The number 5 was drawn around a metal number found in a graveyard. Those splotches on the right are where the candle wax came through from the next page.

Museum objects.

Lots of mixed up images of things here to represent things I did or saw. The stone with the natural hole I found on a beach.


christine said...

your journals are totally amazing - i also love your flickr collections - some really creative stuff (inchie magic!!)
i hope it's ok that i linked to your site to spread the inspiration!
thanks for sharing-

christine said...
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christine said...

PS- your experiences and the way you pull objects from life really bring your art alive - wish i could travel with you :)

Re:form said...

love the subtle colur in these

pedalpower said...

Such a fabulous journal. I'm having fun just traveling through your posts enjoying your work.