Monday, June 29, 2009

Temple of Love

Okay, so it's actually Zeus. Every time I see this 'Temple of Zeus' plan I have Temple of Love (Sisters of Mercy) going round my head :D

Thought process:
Temple of Zeus
Temple of Love - *buzzing round my head*
Goth dancing - legs
Even more goth/gother? feet
My poorly toe

Also features a label from a new CD since it seemed to fit in with the page. The fairy/angel is a scanned plastic figure that I found at my Gran's house.


xha said...

Aphrodite is the goddess of love...

This is the plan to her temple...

Phizzychick said...

Thanks, I know that. That wasn't the point of my page. It was that just reading 'Temple of...' made me think of that song.

You can't help the way your brain makes these connections! :)

Mel said...

omg, omg..I LOVED the sisters of mercy...(child goth of the 80'

Danni sent me here...I'm smitten!!!