Thursday, July 07, 2011

Glastonbury Festival Journal

I get so excited at Glastonbury Festival than unless I make notes of the places I've been and bands that I've seen, I'm sure I would forget it all in no time! Altering a book has been an integral part of my festival experiences for years, and the weeks leading up to it, and the choosing and preparation of my book just adds to the excitement.

This years choice was an old Ladybird book on leaves. Before I leave I'll generally have the pages coloured and a number of things collaged onto the page ready. There is no sense doing all the work there. Too much to carry!

I was lucky enough to meet one of the acts, Marcus Bonfante, who signed my book, which has made it extra special.

I'll generally take just my book and a small pencil case of essentials around with me. Pencils and ink pens, white pens, a handful of watercolour pencils, scissors and a gluestick.

I then make notes, collect the newspapers and handouts and generally beaver away in it while I'm there. It's fun to work on while sat in a field relaxing, or in the centre of a heaving crowd. Most of whom then want to chat about what you're doing, so it's a great way of meeting new people.

So I don't weigh this post down too much, if you'd like to see the rest of the book it can be found on my Flickr here...


Emie58 said...

What fun way to remember the experience!!! Lovely journal.

Sarah said...

What a great journal. I've taken trip journals on holiday, and I've journalled about festivals after the event, but it's never occurred to journal AT a festival.

Love this.

Carmen said...

Found you via Sarah's (above) pin on Pinterest! Wow - I'll never look at Ladybird books in the same way again. I love how you've let the original page show through in some of the pages. Am just getting in to journalling - can I ask what base paints you would recommend and what pen is good for writing on the painted page? Very inspiring post, thank you :)

fay mccloskey said...

Wow! your sketchbooks look so amazing and what a good idea for Glastonbury, it's such a special place. Do you create similar books for your photo albums? i'm currently organizing mine and thought you might have some inspirational pictures?!
fay (a fan from Corner Gallery!)

Phizzychick said...

Thank you for such lovely comments!

Carmen, ladybird books are great to use because their pages hold the paint really well, and seem to always have the right number of pages for little trips! I generally use watercolours and acrylics. Depending on how much of the backgrounds I want showing. I like to incorporate some parts of the original pages somewhere on the pages, and that's another great thing about the old ladybird books. There are so many topics that you can always find one suitable for the event/holiday!

I use a mix of ink pens usually, but because I was travelling light I just took the one pen, which was a Pentel Twin Tip permanent marker. It was great because it has both a thick and thin tip in one...and wouldn't smudge even in the rain!

Thank you, Fay! I agree, Glastonbury is magical! We were just down there again on holiday last week and went to look at how the farm is recovering and bumped into Michael Eavis himself, such a lovely man!

I do make photo albums too, but some of them are probably a little on the boring side compared to my journals for the holiday! If you scroll down to the bottom of these pictures, I have some pages from my America trip which is one of my favourites...

fay mccloskey said...

Thank you so much for the link! it looks amazing, you're work is a real inspiration, :) fay x